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MDU-Ellendale, ND to Leola, SD 115kV Transmission Line

Project Description

This project includes a full Cadastral Retracement Survey for a proposed transmission line corridor.  The new transmission line starts near Leola, SD and runs northeast to Ellendale, ND encompassing approximately 45 linear miles.  The line crosses into two counties; Dickey Co., ND & McPherson Co., SD.  

First, all of the original government survey notes and plats were ordered from the State Archives offices and research was conducted at each of the counties Register of Deeds offices.  Copies were obtained of all certified land corner records, Subdivision plats and boundary surveys along the proposed route along with deeds and easements of record.  Next, a search was completed for all section and quarter section corners along and adjacent to the route using computed locations from the record documents.  After all computations are completed, all lost and obliterated corners will be re-monumented with a rebar and surveyors cap.  Corner ties are also being set with certified land corner records are being drafted for all re-established corners as well as all corners that were accepted and did not have existing corner records.  After the base map is completed for the route, owners of record and draft easement documents for the proposed right of way will be completed. InfrastructureDG worked very closely with the land owners and real estate agents during the right of way acquisition process by providing legal survey exhibits and preparation of legal descriptions. After easements are obtained and design is completed, InfrastructureDG will also provide all construction staking services for access routes and structure locations.

The engineers, surveyors and staff at Infrastructure Design were great. They were all very pleasant to work with, extremely knowledgeable, and very detailed. They made my development project go very smoothly for a great success. They gave me valuable ideas and insights. I could not have done it without them. 

Bret Merkle Soux Falls, SD