Minnehaha County Highway 146

a flyover of a worksite for Infrastructure Design Group Inc

InfrastructureDG worked with Minnehaha County to redesign a 7-mile section of Highway 146 from SD Highway 11 to the Minnesota State border. The project’s goal was to widen highway right of way from 80 feet to 100 feet, improve sight distance, and to redesign vertical curves found to be out of compliance with AASHTO design standards.  The project included a full topographic survey and a full Cadastral Retracement Survey for the 7-mile corridor as well as all adjacent section and quarter section corners and adjacent deeded properties.  Project scope elements included horizontal & vertical geometrics, hydraulics & drainage design, reinforced concrete box culvert design, public involvement, and Construction Administration & Observation. The highway was reconstructed as a concrete roadway – the first one in Minnehaha County’s jurisdiction.