City of Sioux Falls On-Call Survey

The infrastructureDG truck at a survey site

InfrastructureDG has provided the on-call survey services for the City of Sioux Falls since 2014. We provide services such as plat and easement review, easement and legal description preparation, plats, and topographic surveys as needed on a regular basis. The survey group also provides services for specific larger scale projects such as street and utility design under the same on-call contract.

The City of Sioux Falls contracts with an aerial mapping company to fly the entire city limits and 2 to 3 miles beyond city limits.  InfrastructureDG provides survey control and aerial targets through the on-call contract for the mapping company. To accomplish this we use a combination of post processed static network along with real time kinematic observations. This contract allows our team to work very closely with the city real estate, planning, and engineering departments and staff.