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National Avenue Detention Pond

National Avenue Drainage Basin Analysis and Design

Project Description

The drainage study focused on the proposed improvements of National Avenue along with the improvements of the Dakota Beverage property and the affect these improvements would have on upstream and downstream drainage patterns.  The improvements of these two entities within the sub-basin drove a need to define a drainage conveyance system.  With the exception of Cliff Avenue, there is currently no mainline storm sewer or other improved drainage conveyance systems within the study area.  The contributing drainage areas consisted of approximately 79.7 acres.  

The following items are addressed within this study:

  • Review past studies completed pertaining to the drainage sub-basin.
    • Sub-Basin was known as D-2 within the Industrial Park Area Drainage Study
    • Sub-Basin D-2 was further divided into Sub-Basins A-1 through A-6 within the East 54th Street North Drainage Study 
  • Review the current site development plan for Dakota Beverage and its interaction with the pre-developed drainage patterns.
  • Provide 5-year and 100-year flows for various points within the sub-basin
  • Recommend flow routes, storm sewer sizes and detention improvements needed to accommodate existing and full development within the study area.
  • Prepare cost projections
  • Prepare a written report

I’ve had the privilige to work with Infrastructure Design Group on several projects.  They have a great team who go the extra mile to make sure their customer is satisfied.  They deliver their services in a timely and accurate manner and will provide input and advice to make sure the project is planned correctly during the design stage.

Reggie Kuipers SD