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Highway 109 Right of Way Widening

Project Description

The purpose of this project was to widen a 5 mile portion of the highway right-of-way (ROW) from 80’ wide to 100’ wide. InfrastructureDG worked alongside Minnehaha County staff for portions of this project including research and field survey.  The project included a full cadastral retracement survey for the 5 mile corridor as well as all adjacent section and quarter section corners. First, all of the original government survey notes and plats were ordered from the SD State Archives office and research was conducted at each of the three counties Register of Deeds offices.  Copies were obtained of all certified land corner records, subdivision plats and boundary surveys along the proposed route.  The initial field survey was performed as a team effort including staff from both InfrastructureDG and Minnehaha County. Certified land corner Records were drafted and filed for all controlling corners used in computations for highway plats. The project affected 35 separate parcels of land in which we drafted a highway plat for each parcel for the purpose of conveyance. InfrastructureDG also performed all landowner contacts and meetings to discuss the project and the process in which Minnehaha County would like to acquire the property for highway use. All plats were drafted using AutoCAD Civil 3D software and all landowner meetings were tracked using an Excel spreadsheet.

Infrastructure design group is a professional, well managed team of surveyors and engineers that work seamlessly together. They have taken on challenges for my company ranging from surveys to structural consultation as well as engineering job sites for new construction. Their prompt service and attention to detail is an asset to my company. 

Mark Fiechtner SD