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Infrastructuredg Grangaard Beam Setting

Falsework Design-Various Structures

Project Description

Grangaard Construction  Project deliverable include falsework design plans and design calculations for submittal to SDDOT.  Additionally, the Engineer of Record performs at least one site visit (depending on the complexity of design) to ensure the falsework plans are built according to plan intentions.  

The following are a list of structures in which falsework plans have been designed:

  • Project P 0115(47)102 PCN 025C Structure 50-208-022 in Minnehaha County
    •  7-Span 307’-3” Continuous Concrete Bridge over Dells of the Big Sioux River
  • Project BRF 6397(03) PCN 01DY Structure 64-050-060 in Union County o
    • 3-Span 102’-7” Continuous Concrete Bridge over East Fork of Brule Creek 
  • Project P 0040(22)65 Structure 17-577-099 in Custer County o
    • 4-Span 137’ Continuous Concrete Bridge over Battle Creek 
  • Project BRF 6475(08) PCN 01WB Structure 14-130-011 in Clay County o
    • 3-Span 114’-6” Continuous Concrete Bridge over Ash Creek 

Infrastructure’s commitment to our project was always 100%, whether it was warm, sunny August or cold and breezy December.  

Randy Bassette WI