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Bakker Landing-Preliminary Design

Project Description

C-Lemme Development Corporation plans to develop approximately 270 acres of undeveloped land into a mixture of commercial and industrial use.  InfrastructureDG is coordinating with the owner, Lincoln County, FAA, and the City of Tea to develop the subdivision layout and complete preliminary design for the entire area.  The improvements will include asphalt surfaced roadways, water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and street lights.  InfrastructureDG determined hydrologic data and modeled the existing and proposed hydraulic conditions to complete the storm sewer design.  In addition, a traffic analysis will be required in order to better determine the geometric needs of the adjoining high-use arterial roadways

The engineers, surveyors and staff at Infrastructure Design were great. They were all very pleasant to work with, extremely knowledgeable, and very detailed. They made my development project go very smoothly for a great success. They gave me valuable ideas and insights. I could not have done it without them. 

Bret Merkle Soux Falls, SD