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Arrowhead Presentation

Arrowhead Parkway - Preliminary Design from Sycamore Avenue to 26th Street

Project Description

The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) and the City of Sioux Falls are cooperatively working to complete the design and the construction of Arrowhead Parkway from approximately Sycamore Avenue to 26th Street.  The project is jointly funded with SDDOT funds and local City funds.  The SDDOT Local Government Office is the manager of the preliminary and final design agreements and works closely with the City of Sioux Falls on all design issues.  This project encompassed preliminary design of the over 3 mile long corridor.  InfrastructureDG utilized HDR as a sub-consultant to complete the traffic analysis, drainage analysis, and environmental needs.  Additional project scope elements included horizontal and vertical geometrics, bike lane, lighting, water main, private utility coordination and public involvement.

Phase 1 consists of improvements to Arrowhead Parkway from Sycamore Avenue to east of Highline Avenue.  Construction of Phase 1 is scheduled for 2017 and 2018.

The entire project team consisted of InfrastructureDG, HDR, Confluence, City of Sioux Falls, and SDDOT.  Infrastructure Design Group, Inc. was the lead consultant on this project. 

Infrastructure design group is a professional, well managed team of surveyors and engineers that work seamlessly together. They have taken on challenges for my company ranging from surveys to structural consultation as well as engineering job sites for new construction. Their prompt service and attention to detail is an asset to my company. 

Mark Fiechtner SD