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Arrowhead Phase 1 2017 3

Arrowhead Parkway - Phase 1 Improvements

Project Description

Upon completion of the preliminary design phase of Arrowhead Parkway from Sycmaore Avenue to 26th Street, Phase 1 project improvement limts where identified based on funding availability and constructability needs.  Phase 1 improvement limits are from Sycamore Avenue to east of Highline Avenue.  This phase of the corridor improvements consists of removing the existing roadway and constructing a 6-lane urban section with median.  The urban section consists of three lanes in each direction including additional turn lanes at three major intersections.   

Final design elements of the Phase 1 corridor improvements consisted of removals, plan and profiles, erosion control, ADA, surfacing, water main, storm sewer, select sanitary sewer, lighting, edge drains, traffic signals, traffic control, construction phasing, pavement marking, and signage.  In addition to the technical design elements of the project, a significant amount of property owner and agency coordination was completed.  The entire project team consisted of InfrastructureDG, HDR, Confluence, City of Sioux Falls, and SDDOT.  Infrastructure Design Group, Inc. was the lead consultant on this project.  

Phase 1 Bid Price = $9.37

Construction timeline = 2017/2018

Infrastructure’s commitment to our project was always 100%, whether it was warm, sunny August or cold and breezy December.  

Randy Bassette WI