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85th Street

85th Street Improvements: Minnesota Ave to Cliff Design

Project Description

The City of Sioux Falls plans to pave a rural section on 85th Street from S. Cliff Avenue to S. Minnesota Avenue.  InfrastructureDG completed a grade line and construction plans for the section along with critical locations and elevations of storm sewer improvements.  Design of the grade line identified a 48 inch arch storm sewer pipe approximately 300 feet east of Anchor Lane crossing under 85th Street to serve as an outlet for future development north of 85th Street.   In addition to this pipe, approximately 700 feet of channel grading is also required to meet drainage design standards and accommodate development to the north.  

The project entailed the following design elements:  

  • Overall corridor drainage analysis and coordination with adjacent developments
  • Established the horizontal and vertical grade line for the rural section within the available ROW
  • Gradeline was established while maintaining a balance of earthwork quantities
  • Evaluated drainage for the entire contributing basin in accordance with the City drainage design standards. Deficiencies were identified with recommended pipe sizes passing under the proposed roadway section to meet City standards
  • Wetland delineations and permitting
  • Completed traffic control plan with detour route
  • Completed temporary and permanent easements
  • Coordinated with landowners and developers 

The engineers, surveyors and staff at Infrastructure Design were great. They were all very pleasant to work with, extremely knowledgeable, and very detailed. They made my development project go very smoothly for a great success. They gave me valuable ideas and insights. I could not have done it without them. 

Bret Merkle Soux Falls, SD